Saturday, 20 October 2012

Interview with CherryBomb-Boutique

Hey folks and welcome to the first of many additions of the self-entitled blog "Born To Be A Boss" where I take a quick 5 minute break out of my busy schedule to catch up with entrepreneurs from around the globe on their business and aspirations. This week I caught up with Ashlee Norris who has started her own company which supplies a wide range of shoes for women! So with out further a due we'll get straight into it shall we?!?
FordeEsq: Hey Ashlee, how's it going?
Ash: Good thanks Clint. Yourself?
FordeEsq: Can't complain...which is strange for me!
Ash: That's a first!
FordeEsq: Yh (chuckles)
Ash: So what do you wanna know then?
FordeEsq: Well I've managed to summarise what I want to hear from 5 straight forward questions so let's see how we go shall we?
Ash: Sounds cool
FordeEsq: Great stuff. Ok then so where did you get the idea of your company from? 
Ash: CherryBomb-Boutique came about when I started customising old shoes from my previous business called where I kept getting repeatedly asked by customers for similar styles of shoes. With the amount of requests I had coming through it made sense to just give the people what they wanted!
FordeEsq: Such a crowd pleaser aren't you Ash?
Ash: You gotta give the people what they want. It's all about supply and demand hahaha
FordeEsq: Indeed! I think you might be onto something here haha. Next question so what is it that you company does and what services does it provide?
Ash: CherryBomb create fashionable shoes ready to order. This is perfect if you have an outfit and want matching shoes or shoes to compliment that great figure of yours. We also customised and revamp old shoes to make them look like their fresh out of the box. We might even be able to do something for you Clint?
FordeEsq: Oh really?!?
Ash: Yh..all for the right fee of course..."mates rates"
FordeEsq: I'll have to put your skills to the test! So how is your company doing at this moment in time especially with all the vast amount of competition in this sector?!?
Ash: Really well, orders are constantly coming in and we have a 2-3 week waiting list for all orders. We are already taking Christmas orders. Cherrybomb has also been featured on blogs and seen on celebrities.
FordeEsq: Nice work! Getting amongst the celebrity action as well I see. That exposure must of done you the world of good right?!?
Ash: Yes it really open up some doors for us and helped our brand get out there.
FordeEsq: Good stuff, so is there anything new and upcoming we should look forward to in the near future?
Ash: CherryBomb are always working hard to create new looks. Stunning designs and uniqueness to every. CherryBomb started in the summer 2012 so we had a huge portfolio of summer footwear. We are now working on winter wardrobe footwear such as boots, trainers and comfortable flats. We have also added bags to our collection which again opens up a whole other market of the retail world.
FordeEsq: Sweet. You'll be going global next. Last question, where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Ash:  Not only customising shoes, but creating shoes. and becoming a well recognised shoe designer. This time next year we want to be the name on everybody's lips when it comes to picking those favourite pair of shoes or that fantastic bag to die for.

FordeEsq: The skys the limit then hey. Well thanks for that Ash, it was great catching up with you and I hope to hear from you guys soon.
Ash: Cheers Clint and good luck on your travels!
FordeEsq: Thanks mate. That's it folks. For more information On CherryBomb-Boutique don't forget to check out their latest stuff by visiting @CherryBombBtq on Twitter, CherryBomb-Boutique on Facebook or keep your eyes peeled via their website for more updates and details
Till next time folks
Forde Esq.

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  1. Thanks clint! Great blog! cant wait to see some more business post for inspiration! Keep it up