Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Interview With Aryn Keogh (Delish Cakery)

Back again with another episode of "Born To Be A Bo$$" where this time round I get talk about two things i'm passionate and business....What a combination! This time around, Aryn Keogh from Delish Cakery gave us her insight into how she made her mark in the baking industry in North Carolina so...LET'S GET TO IT!!!
Forde Esq: Hey's things?!?
Aryn: Good thanks, you?
Forde Esq: Yh I'm sound as a pound! I won't keep you too long because I know it's late and I know you got cakes to make so I'll start with the first question. How did it all start for you?
Aryn: Before baking cupcakes officially as "Delish Cakery" I managed a photography studio in the mall. When I saw that my opportunities for career growth were limited I decided to go out on my own and I became a freelance photographer. Photography was actually my first adventure into self employment and it wasn't a total failure! I did manage to make money enough to cover all my equipment fees and bills, however, soon the economy took a turn for the worst and I found that I was getting less business and had a lot of free time. It was in this free time that I began experimenting with recipes and selling to friends/neighbours. I had always loved to bake so it was a natural hobby for me. Soon I was getting calls from strangers! I remember jumping around the kitchen with excitement every time that would happen  Before long baking cupcakes had taken over and I had to come up with a business name - Delish Cakery.
Forde Esq: That's great how you started off with one business and switched to another through recognising an opportunity through something you was passionate about.
Aryn: Yes when an opportunity like that presents itself you have to grab it with both hands. I did thank god and look where it's got me.
Forde Esq: Indeed. So what exactly do you do?
Aryn: Mondays are grocery days (in the average week I will go through 25 lbs. of flour & sugar, 12 lbs of butter, & 15 doz eggs!) and I spend a lot of my time actually baking and assembling cakes. The surprising part of owning your own business is that you have to be a jack of all trades in that you have to be educated on each detail of your company. Since marketing my baked goods I have become knowledgeable in webpage building, logo designs, packaging processes, & marketing tactics. A lot of time goes into the marketing of my products.
Forde Esq: Jack of all trades...such a great term but so true. So I take it you manage everything yourself from the marketing side right down to baking the cakes.
Aryn: Yh I like to stay involved with all sides of the business so I know how I'm performing and where I can improve.
Forde Esq: So with that being said, how is the business performing to date?!?
Aryn: Pretty good so far! I currently operate from my converted home kitchen and I am slowly taking over the house!
Forde Esq: So is there anything new and exciting to look forward to with your business?
Aryn: Well, as we speak I am in the process of designing better packaging for my products. It sounds silly but it is really exciting to design something and then see it in print. I haven't gotten anything in yet but when it gets here it will be like xmas morning for me! Also, in the near future I would like to open a storefront location (I an dying to separate my work and personal space!)
Forde Esq: I bet! Talk about taking your work home with you haha! So, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Aryn: In the next five years I would like to be the largest confection company in Charlotte, hopefully with one or more storefront locations. I would also like to be able to offer nationwide shipping for a few of my more study products.
Forde Esq: That sounds great. Well good luck to you Aryn and truly wish you all thr best.
Aryn: Thanks Clint
Forde Esq: Well if you want to learn more about Aryn business then log on to her company's website or visit their website page for more information.

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