Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Interview with Patrick Hamilton (Urban Moves)

Were back folks and for this interview we I got to find out how Patrick Hamilton is making "moves" in his business for a better way of life in his bright future soooooo.....LET'S GET TO IT!

Forde Esq: Wassupp Pat!

Patrick: How's it going playa?!?

Forde Esq: Just chilling, how's business?!?

Patrick: We always making moves haha, you know how it is!

Forde Esq: Yh I do. So I guess the first question as always is where did you get the idea of your company from?!?

Patrick: It all comes from being poor in a previous life and wanting heaps of cash. I was seeing all my friends around me making money and I said to myself I want some of that now so I racked my brains for hours trying to come up with some new and innovating but nothing would jump out at me. So when I was on the way to my mates house I saw a bunch of removal men struggling to get a sofa into a house so I gave them a hand and they were so greatful from it they gave me $50 and offered me a job but I turned it down as I thought I could do it myself.

Forde Esq: Isn't that something hey? So from there Urban Moves was born?!?

Patrick: Pretty much. Obviously there was a lot of things to organise and put in place but once I had the idea all the rest of the puzzle felt like nothing.

Forde Esq: I hear that. So what is exactly what you do then?

Patrick: Well at UrbanMoves we assist with all your domestic household and business removals. We operate within the Sydney area mainly but also take bookings all over the country depending on the size of the job and whether it's viable for our business. We have a small team of workers who help with all parts of the logistics from start to finish to make it a stress free for our customers as possible. 

Forde Esq: So you guys must be busy all the time then.

Patrick: Yh for sure. It was slow at first getting the name out there but once we built on our reputation and word of mouth started spreading on who we are and what a good job we was doing then the job offers started flooding in from all directions. Everyday is a challenge as a boss and leader of this organisation but I fully believe in the saying "Work Hard, Play Hard"

Forde Esq: Enjoying the fruits of your labour I guess?

Patrick: It's gotta be done Clint. As much as I enjoy working for myself I gotta let off some steam every now and then to show off my accomplishments.

Forde Esq: Fair play to ya! So is there anything to look out for with UrbanMoves?!?

Patrick: Not really. As I said before, were taking booking outside of Sydney more regularly now and I'm looking to possibly hire a receptionist to take care of bookings as I have other business ventures that I'm involved in so I have more time to myself.

Forde Esq: Sounds like your a busy man. So what's the plan for the next 5 years then?

Patrick: I hope to start a family and enjoy life down in Newport in a nice luxury pad with a performance car parked outside with at least $3,000 to play with each day.

Forde Esq: Cheers to that my brother. Well thanks again for your time Patrick and make sure you take us for a spin in that sports car when you get it.

Patrick: Will do mate. All the best

Forde Esq: Thanks mate. Well guys and girls, if your struggling for removalists in Australia then be sure to visit their website or their facebook page

Until next time folks

Forde Esq.

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