Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Interview with 3Beatz Entertainment

Thanks again for tuning into the latest version of my blog called "Born To Be A Bo$$" where this week I took a quick 5 with Peter Jarjees on his entertainment company called "3BeatZ Entertainment" so as always....LET'S GET TO IT!!!

Forde Esq: How's it going Pete?!?

Pete: Good thanks, yourself?!?

Forde Esq: Not too shabby. So we'll get straight into it shall we?!?

Pete: Let's do it!

Forde Esq: Ok so where did you get the idea of your company from?!?

Pete: I got the idea back in school when I was hanging with my friends actually, we were trying to find parties where they won't get shut down or gate crashed. Then I came up with an idea of having a big party but I knew that I had to find a way to make it legit and to make sure there wont be any gate crashers or anything. I wanted to start holding parties where youth kids can go to every school holiday and party without having the worry of it being shut down or gate crashed. Thats when 3BeatZ was created.

Forde Esq: Great idea! I bet your popularity levels went through the roof after the first gig. So what is it that 3BeatZ actually provide as a company?

Pete: I run & manage 3BeatZ Entertainment, I am also now organizing Dream U18 Events in Brisbane. I work part time at Factorie as a hobby at Chermside & I'm looking to open another business in online promotion. 3BeatZ provides under 18 kids in queensland a safe & exciting place to party every school holidays, with attracting more then 1000 people to every event, our aim is to give every highschool student a certain place they can catch up, dance, party or even chill with all their friends during the school holidays.

Forde Esq: You sound like your busy young man. How do you find the time for all this at that age?!? 

Pete: I take it all in my stride Clint. I don't take nothing else on board before I good and ready. I don't like to rush into things without giving it my undivided attention.

Forde Esq: Spoken like a true entrepreneur! I admire your work ethic son! So how are you guys doing so far?!?

Pete: 3BeatZ at the moment is going really well! We are now partnering up with Profyle Entertainment to bring Dream U18's Festival to Brisbane every school holiday. At the moment we are at our Peak and we are only going to go bigger & better!

Forde Esq: Bigger and better...I like the sound of that. So what's next in the pipeline for you guys. Can you give us an exclusive?!?

Pete: Yes! Dream U18's Festival Launch Party which will be held on the 16th of December with DJ Nino Brown, DJ Kronic, Fortafy & Big Ryat (Tpains main Krumper/dancer) which will be held at Magic City Superclub (2500+ capacity). 6-11 hope to see you there!!

Forde Esq: Sounds sick! So where you do yourself and 3Beatz in 5 years time from now?!?

Pete: In 5 years time I see myself living off what i love doing - 3BeatZ Events, Dream Events etc. We are starting to hold events now every school holidays & we are also going to start our "3BeatZ House Party Packages" by next year. Let us organize your house party for under $400!! I would also like to get my hands on some over 18 events in clubs soon too. So watch this space!! haha

Forde Esq: Pete, you've been a legend as always. Thanks for your time and all the best for the future.

Pete: Likewise bro. Anytime man.

Forde Esq: Sweet, well if you wanna find out more about 3Beatz entertainment then feel free to log onto http://www.3beatz.tk/ or check out their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/3BeatZ-Entertainment/135878209802290

Until next folks

Forde Esq.

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  1. Another great interview 3BeatZ seems like a great business. Keep it up! @cherrybombbtq