Saturday, 17 November 2012

Interview With Westec Property Services

Hey's the interview...let me know what you think and if anything needs changing before I post it.....thanks again

Hey folks and welcome to another addition from my blog called "Born To Be A Bo$$". This week I got given the opportunity to speak to Wesley Warner about his company that he self started called "Westec Property Ltd" so without further timewasting...LET's GET TO IT!!!

Forde Esq: Hey Wes, how's it going?!? Long time no speak

Wes: Good thanks, just touched down from a nice overdue break in Dubai

Forde Esq: Sounds nice...alright for some ain't it!

Wes: Haha...Work harder bro!

Forde Esq: Indeed, So Wes, you know how this all works so I'll guess I'll get started....... So where did you get the idea of your company from?!?

Wes: I was previously employed in the property sector where I was able to gain experience and knowledge. Some years back I worked for a building organisation, where I was taken in and able to learn all the skills of the trade, I felt it was something I was capable of taking on, so I took the plunge into self employment. It took some time but I had managed to develop a strong network of clients which I used to build myself a healthy name and reputation within the industry.

Forde Esq: That's a great way to go about things. So you learn't the industry inside and out so you got the opportunity to learn from your and other people's mistakes whilst being able to identify a gap in the market for you to excel in.

Wes: Couldn't have said it better myself and since then I haven't looked back.

Forde Esq: Great stuff...So with that all being said...what exactly does Westec Property do?!?

Wes: WesTec undertakes all types of property refurbishment work. We also have contracts with Property management companies in and around London for whom we take care of the maintenance at their assigned properties.

Forde Esq: So man you must be a busy do you guys manage that?!?

Wes: I have a team that I manage that takes care of all the dimensions of the business. These people are the backbone of my business and without them I would struggle to get to where I have today.
Forde Esq: Such a true and honest statement. So how is the company doing so far since you've been going?!?

Wes: The Company is doing very well. We are gradually progressing and expanding throughout other parts of London and indeed the UK.

Forde Esq:Brilliant news, So is there anything new and upcoming we should look forward to in the near future?!?

Wes: There are a couple of new projects in the pipeline, but I can not reveal them as yet :-)

Forde Esq: Not even an exclusive for an old friend?!?

Wes: Nah mate, that would spoil the surprise haha!

Forde Esq: Fair enough, well last but no means least.....where do you see yourself in 5 years time...let me know if you have any questions

Wes: Hopefully the business will be larger and healthy with even more room for growth. Also I should be a couple years closer to earlier retirement!!

Forde Esq: Your only a couple more years off sunning yourself on some beach in the Bahamas! Well I won't hold you much longer as I've managed to sneak in a couple more questions but thanks a lot for your time
Wes: No worries bro and all the best for the future

Forde Esq: Appreciate it Wes. If you want to learn more about what Wes' company does then log onto

Until next time folks

Forde Esq.

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