Monday, 5 November 2012

Interview With MuesliForMe

Here we go again folks...Part 4 of my blog entitled "Born To Be A Bo$$". This time I got given the opportunity to pick the brain of young entrepreneur and fellow co founder of "MuesliForMe" Sean Pieres about his recent experiences in the business world.

Forde Esq: Hey Sean, what's good?

Sean: Busy as always with work, life etc. Things ok with you?!?

Forde Esq: Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks for asking. So you know how this works right?

Sean: Yep...Fire away!

Forde Esq: Ok then. First question then.....So where did you get the idea of your company from?!?

Sean:  The idea for "Muesli For Me" was thought up by another co founder of the business Nathan whilst he was in Germany when he was eating Muesli over breakfast and witnessed the 'Dollar Shave Club' video on Youtube and the thought it was a great concept that could be applied towards Muesli lovers across Australia.

Forde Esq: I love that advert! ( So with that idea in mind, what is it that you guys actually provide?!?

Sean: We service muesli enthusiasts with customised muesli packages chosen to their taste preference. Customers can shop online via our website and choose what type of muesli package they require and they get it shipped to their door once a month for one off fee.

Forde Esq: Awesome. So there's no need to go down the breakfast aisle each week is there?

Sean: Exactly! All the hassle is taken away for you once you've chosen what you want. If you fancy a change then you can change your subscription to match your taste buds.

Forde Esq: If only everything in life was like that haha. So how are you guys performing at the moment.

Sean: We've grown a solid base of subscribers within the first 3 months of opening our business which is pretty good going for a start up company. Since then we've been taking orders from all across Australia and our name and reputation is ever improving.

Forde Esq: That's good going. So where are you guys looking to go on from here then?!?

Sean: We are expanding our ingredients range to other fruits that customers have requested and suggested and were also in the midst of creating a promotional video to expand the brand of Muesli For Me. Were also getting involved in more charity initiatives to help people understand the benefits of consuming Muesli on a regular basis.

Forde Esq: Sounds like you've got alot ahead of you guys. So where do you see Muesli For Me in 5 years time?!?

Sean: We want to service most of the Australian muesli population (about 30% of australians eat muesli) and also provide muesli servicing to corporate companies and  businesses alike with breakfast incentives to help better work productivity and ensure people are in work on time in the morning.

Forde Esq: Great idea! Well thanks for that Sean. I hope that was as quick and painless for you as it was for me.

Sean: No worries Clint or shall I say Forde Esquire! Speak to you soon.

Forde Esq: So if you want to hear more about Muesli For Me and what they have to offer then feel free to jump on their website or follow them on Twitter (@MuesliForMe) or Facebook (

Until next time folks

Take care

Forde Esq.

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