Friday, 2 November 2012

Interview with 5 StarWorld

Next up, I got the opportunity to catch up with Phil Richards who is a sports entertainment based entrepreneur from Coventry, West Midlands. Phil's business provides sports lovers and enthusiasts in the midlands area with the opportunity to take part in host of sports while sampling a taste of the good life in his organisations showbiz events ran throughout the course of the year....I should know, i've taken part in a few of them myself!!! So without further hesitation here we go:

Forde Esq: How's it going Phil

Phil: Not to bad mate...How's Sydney treating you?!?

Forde Esq: Better than Coventry I imagine?!?

Phil: Hahaha probably. So come on then, pester away!

Forde Esq: Ok then...So how did it all start out for you then?!?

Phil: The birth of the 5Star brand came when I was 17 years old and embarked on my career as a personal trainer where I named by company "5Star Fitness".  I then moved on to "5Star Security" working with upscale nightclubs and classy bars all across the midlands which then led up to what my company is now called "5Star Entertainment". My ultimate goal is to use the name to build as a brand for all the ventures I undertake.

Forde Esq: So every business you launch will be under or associated with the 5Star brand then i.e. 5star Footwear for example?!?

Phil: Exactly. Once people connect with the brand they will be able to follow us on each venture we undertake.

Forde Esq: Clever! So what is it that "5Star Entertainment" actually does then?!?

Phil: WOW, good question… Well the hub of my business or the bread and butter as the saying goes is my 5 A Side football leagues however I like to think of myself as an innovator so I have applied a little sprinkle of Entertainment to the normal format of leisure football so I have basically tried to apply what we see in WWE wrestling, the PDC darts and even the Barclays Premiership Football league so what I give my customers is so much more than rival companies, I call it that personal touch.

Forde Esq: I see, so football players are allowed to body slam people on the pitch then?!?

Phil: Not quite Clint. What I mean is that we provide our customers if you like with the opportunity to be entertained by fellow players and by themselves. We interview players, record games, provide match analysis and provide live interaction with teams and players via social media and our website which gives us that edge over other leisure league providers.

Forde Esq: That's a nice touch. I bet the players must love it.

Phil: They certainly get their money's worth that's for sure.

Forde Esq: I'm sure they do. So how has the company been doing so far since you've started it?!?

Phil: We have had great success now for 6 years and more the economic climate has of course affected business and has presented many challenges and hurdles to overcome but I am an entrepreneur so I am always looking to add to my business portfolio and through the hard times I have always been able to prosper and keep my business moving forwards..."Never Give Up" as they say. We've gone on from strength to strength by providing customers with 2 nights of fast paced and entertaining football action alongside monthly competitions and social events for players, partners and friends to attend to keep all involved with the brand.

Forde Esq: **Raised eyebrows** Man, you cover a lot of ground don't you?!?

Phil: We aim to please son, we aim to please!

Forde Esq: I'm sure you do. So there must be more to come in the future then?!?

Phil: Oh for sure…. 2013 we will see big things from 5Star Entertainment we are already expanding on the sport and leisure front launching new Snooker leagues, Gaming Leagues, Poker Seasons and more. There is a project called "The Network" that I am in the lab developing as we speak but it’s top secret so you’ll have to wait to hear about that one and I mustn’t forget to mention that we are starting our own clothing label which is called DBB Clothing so watch out for that. I may even send you some pieces to represent along your travels so yeah I am fully focused and expecting big things from my company and me in the near future.

Forde Esq: Ah man. I can never say no to clothes bro...make sure you get my size. You gonna cater to the "Big + Sexy" range?!?

Phil: Hahaha of course man, we got everybody covered.

Forde Esq: I'm looking forward to that. So before I leave you to get back to it....where do you see 5Star in 5 years time?!?

Phil: In 5 years’ time I will be inviting you onto my yacht in Monaco for a glass of the finest haha but seriously I just want to be successful and create a legacy that will make my children proud and hopefully a business they one day will take over. One things for sure I will never stop chasing my dreams and I know I will get where I need to be in 5 years so I guess I’ll see you in Monaco.

Forde Esq: Sounds like a plan my man. I'll bring the champagne!!

Phil: Make sure it's the good stuff brother

Forde Esq: Haha of course. Well thanks Phil and good luck for the future.

Phil: It's been a pleasure Clint as always. Good luck.

Forde Esq: Thanks bro. As always, for more information on the 5Star brand...visit or tweet Phil on twitter on @5StarPresident.

Until next time folks

Forde Esq.

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