Monday, 19 November 2012

Interview With Jazz Rose (JandC Academy)

Another week marks another addition of "Born To Be A Bo$$" where in this addition Jazz Rose was the latest entrepreneur to be questioned on his educational based business venture called JandC Academy so as always....LET'S GET TO IT!

Forde Esq: Hey Jazz, how's it going?!?

Jazz: Good bro, yourself?!?

Forde Esq: Not too bad thanks pal. So as always I'm just gonna ask you a couple of questions on your business. Is that ok?!?

Jazz: Of course, fire away!

Forde Esq: Cool, So first question....where did you get the idea of your company from ?!?

Jazz: I started coaching whilst at College and was working for a few small companies before the leader of one of the organisations left and asked me to take over. I complied and from there JandC Academy begun.

Forde Esq: Talk about taking advantage of a great opportunity and running with it. I bet you must of been scared or at least nervous?

Jazz: Not at all. Sports is something I've pretty much done all my life so I found it easy to make the transition from football player to coach then to business leader. All it took was time and a lot of hard effort.

Forde Esq: I bet. So what is it that JandC Academy actually represents as an organisation?!?

Jazz: At present we deliver a risk free solution for PPA cover in schools, through delivering high quality PE, Music and Foreign Language lessons in schools across SE England. We employ fully qualified teachers and PE specialists who aim to deliver outstanding lessons every day in accordance with Ofsted standards
Forde Esq: Wow that's some curriculum. I'm impressed! So how's the company performing so far?!?

Jazz: The company has grown each year over the last 9 years, so we are continuing to strive to give our clients the best possible service and ensuring children receive the best possible education from our innovative lessons. I started out in the field but have now had to take more of a backseated approach in order to help grow the business and maintain the standards that we promote across the subjects we teach.

Forde Esq: Man, I bet you was that cool P.E. teacher that loves to get involved in all sports that you teach and all the kids want on their team. So is there anything we should be looking out for in the future?!?

Jazz: Haha put it this way, I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty...I can't reveal too much to our competitors but were always looking to take on more school as clients of ours.

Forde Esq: Sweet. So last question Jazz, where do you see JandC in 5 years time?!?

Jazz: In 5 years, we aim to continue to grow, under the same policies and philosophy as we have been doing over the last 9 years.

Forde Esq: Jazz, that sounds brilliant. All the best to you and your company in the future. 

Jazz: Thanks for having me! Speak to you soon.

Forde Esq: Not a problem. So that's it folks and as always if you wish to find out more on Jazz's company then log onto their website

Until next time

Forde Esq.

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