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Interview WIth Rakz Mathur (Signacion Music)

Wasssupp people. Welcome back to another addition of my blog called "Born To Be A Bo$$" with your host Forde Esq. After weeks of trying to fit me into his busy schedule, I finally got the opportunity to quiz Rakz Mathur on views, thoughts and opinions on his quest to becoming a pioneer in the music industry with his music based entertainment record label Signacion so as always there's no time like the present so....LET's GET TO IT!!!

Forde Esq: Mr. Mathur...Finally we get to speak
Rakz: Haha sorry bro...what can I say I'm a busy man
Forde Esq: Don't I know it, I was starting to give up on you but I suppose it was worth the wait! Well let's not waste any further time and get straight into it shall we?!?
Rakz: Why not Clint!
Forde Esq: Brilliant. So the first question I guess is where did you get the idea for Signacion from?
Rakz: Signacion was birthed from what I believe is a vision from God. I was at Hillsong Conference funnily enough and had a vision of Aurora Borealis playing in the back of my mind whilst I was listening to the pastor preach some home truths on goals and aspirations within life. At the time I had been in a band as the drummer and writer and always loved making and creating music. We had a 12 piece R&B group
called Signacion when I got the vision and all I could do was investigate what this "vision" really meant so I dropped everything important in my life at the time and started to try and find out what it mean't and out of it was born Signacion. Gareth and I built a recording studio and started working on hip hop music and from there we found out the hard way that there was no money in setting up recording studio as a start up so I ended up doing my masters which ended up in me working for Sony Records following this dream and started managing artists left right and centre after what seemed like years (5 to be precise) we started to head in the label direction and then about 7 months ago we shifted into overdrive leaving the bedroom for the HQ now and increased the roster of artists from 2 - 11 and here I am talking to you.
Forde Esq: Wow that is some journey in 5 years!
Rakz: Yeah, it was painful but the thing that drove me was the vision that I would lead a team of creative people and equip young people to express themselves creatively which is ultimately our vision statement here at Signacion.
Forde Esq: That sound amazing and empowering my brother. Hat's off to you.
Rakz: Thanks bro
Forde Esq: So what is it that Signacion actually represents as a brand and a company?
Rakz: It took 5 years to identify that. Are we a Studio? Are we Management? Are we Media? I think the best way to explain what Signacion represents is Creativity and Integrity. We understand that artists need development and also we understand the fickle nature of the industry.
Forde Esq: So with that Creativity and Integrity, What are you trying to achieve through Signacion?
Rakz: I want Signacion to be a multimedia and creative hub where the record label is an aspect but nurture creativity, develop sustainable models and also derive value from music while being mainstream. Based on what the study that was done in the UK by the LPO where their artists become business administrators and increase longevity of artist careers which is what is a core fundamental to us.
Forde Esq: Wow...that is a mouthful lol So explain to me and the readers the infrastructure of your label so we know what were dealing with here i.e. who does what?!?
Rakz: Well where do we start....The infrastructure starts off with Signacion Entertainment Group comprising of Signacion Music (The label), Signacion Media (The advertising arm), Signacion Development ( Artist Development / Management) and Signacion Publishing (which is in the process). I am Group CEO looking after all aspects of the business which involves Strategy , Business Planning, Business Affairs and I dabble in Songwriting and Production too.
Gareth is the General Manager of Signacion Entertainment Group and looks after the operations but focuses his energy on the label and how it al unfolds. Josh Pinkerton (Formerly from Silent Joe) is the Creative Director and looks after the general operations of the Media.
Maya (Our sharpest intern) is now the Manager of Communications and PR looking after 6 interns to ensure that the group, brand and also our products are portrayed correctly, marketed and drive revenue.
Justine who is our Artist Development Manager is purely creative and provides all of our artists on the label with her creative influence on concepts for songs, melodies and hooks to ensure that all of our tracks sound on point and are ready for airplay.
Forde Esq: Sounds like you have all bases covered....the term go hard or go home seems to ring a bell here!
Rakz: Yes, I used to do things small but I realized what is the point if I am going to do something do it right, do it big but 70% is perception if people perceive us to be huge then we have done our jobs right
that is how we make an impact in the market I believe.
Forde Esq: Preach brother preach! So how are you guys doing in the industry so far?
Rakz: In the industry we have gained a bit of attention once the website went up, although the Facebook didnt reflect this I started getting calls from club promoters for our artists to perform at their events. The move to the city was awakening for the label and one of the best decisions ever and the work we are doing in the media is giving us a great reputation through the clients that we have been working with such as Red Cross, Telstra, McDonalds, Smirnoff and heaps more in the future by the looks of it.
Forde Esq: Sweet so is there anything new and exciting coming up soon for Signacion?
Rakz: Ah man we have releases galore coming up. You gotta keep an eye out for Lex, Luke Antony, Andrei Boyd, O.S.K. and Trix. We also have a few hidden gems mixed in there too which will be revealed in due course. Also you may see video clips floating around and a potential launch which albeit was a bit delayed but is looking closer to getting a finalised date so I'll keep you posted on that one.
Forde Esq: Sweet...seems like there's a lot to look forward to...ok last question...where do you see Signacion in the future in the next 5 years?
Rakz: Well the next 5 years for Signacion is a very exciting time indeed. I see us setting up satellites in India, Germany and the US and working on a few digital ones also. We are looking for a new location currently to move to (have been for the last 2 months) and are in full steam ahead mode for our artists to start getting the coverage they need so they can shine like the stars that they are.
Forde Esq: Rakz, that sounds awesome. Thanks for answering all my questions and you've been star as always.
Rakz: Happy to help my man
Forde Esq: Well for more information on Signacion Music, head on down to or
Until next time folks
Forde Esq.

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